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Join in any of our inspirational classes

Whether you’ve just started practicing Yoga or it has been part of your daily routine for years, you’ll find the enthusiastic and professional style of our teachers refreshing and inspiring.

Our teachers provide a great mix of classes. Every day, we offer classes aimed at beginner, improver and combined levels. All our classes are designed to be progressive and will enable you to begin or continue your practice at home. This is one of our sources of pride – what you learn on a Healthy Options holiday will help you progress and improve even when you’re back home!

Class sizes are small, so we can give you plenty of individual attention, helping you to maintain the correct alignment and posture. This means that you’ll get the maximum benefit not only during your holiday with us, but for your future practice as well.

All classes are given in both centres, albeit with different instructors and scheduled differently.

Meet our instructors here, and check out the sample schedules for Vassiliki and Syvota to get a good idea of what your holiday will be like.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga classes are held six days a week and are one and a quarter hours’ duration. They are aimed at beginner and improver level students, but even more experienced students have told us that they find them useful. Hatha Yoga includes meditation, yin stretching and restorative Yoga, some very gentle flow Yoga and pranayama (breath control).

Each class concentrates on a specific theme and is deeply therapeutic and you’ll have the freedom to either attend all the classes or to drop in and out throughout the week. Attending one class does not mean you must attend them all – this is your holiday, after all!

Flow Yoga

Vinyassa Flow Yoga classes are dynamic, well-rounded and include meditation, asana and pranayama.

Attention is focused on breathing and on the journey and transitions between the various postures (vinyasa). Through this process and through the creative and therapeutic sequencing of the postures, the muscular skeletal system becomes better aligned. This leads to improved stamina, strength and flexibility.

Hatha Flow Yoga classes are offered for two levels, beginner and improver.

Technique classes

Technique classes focus on how to advance your practice by paying attention in great detail to alignment and posture. One goal of these classes is to enable you to attain confidence when continuing and progressing your own practice when you return home after your holiday. This makes the benefits of the Healthy Options technique classes last long after your holiday with us has become a warm memory.

Technique classes are offered at both beginner and improver/intermediate level.

Yoga Nidra guided meditation

This calming and rejuvenating class is held daily and will help you relax deeply. Yoga Nidra encourages a state of mind between sleep and wakefulness and these classes are suitable for all levels. It’s said that half an hour of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to four hours of deep sleep!


Pilates is named after Joe Pilates, a self-defence instructor for detectives at Scotland Yard in London.

His exercise methods strengthened bedridden patients so that they could survive the 1918 influenza epidemic. Decades later, students and gym enthusiasts limber up daily, sometimes not even realising the full benefits of their movements until much later in life. Pilates helps you develop core muscles and stability and has been proven to be an excellent exercise for improving posture and inner strength.

Our Pilates teachers offer mat-based classes that are suitable for all levels, from complete beginners to those looking to further their practice.

Body Sculpt

Cicero said it best: “It is exercise alone that supports the spirits and keeps the mind in vigour.” Body Sculpt is the ultimate class designed to strengthen and tone each and every muscle, head to toe. Body Sculpt uses equipment, including a variety of dumbbells, resistance bands, stability balls and rings. The upbeat rhythms of the music maximise the fun as well as the challenge!

Healthy Options’ Body Sculpt classes are suitable for all fitness levels.


What’s so great about working out in the water? Well, everything! You get a full, intense work-out with reduced stress and impact on your joints, along with improved balance, posture, muscle toning and flexibility.

In many ways, Hydro Fit is similar to aqua aerobics. Exercises are performed in the pool to a dynamic musical pulse and you can challenge yourself to your full potential with minimal stress on your muscles and joints.

These classes help target aerobic endurance, muscular strength, balance and suppleness. Hydro Fit is suitable for everyone… even non-swimmers!

Our Hydro-Fit classes are available in Vassiliki only.

Swim Technique Classes

Suitable for all levels, from absolute beginners and non-swimmers wanting to work on their water confidence to swimmers wanting to tweak their stroke technique and efficiency. We will work with your abilities in a group setting or on a one to one basis, which is a great opportunity to make the most of while you're with us!

Swim technique classes are only offered from mid June to early September, as the pool being unheated.

Swiss Ball

This class revives the space hopper as a piece of fitness kit! Whilst performing toning exercises, special balls add an extra challenge by forcing you to exercise on an unstable surface. Not only is this a pretty intensive workout for your core, Swiss Ball helps improve your body awareness, posture and balance. As the old saying goes, ‘to feel fit as a fiddle, tone down your middle’. All levels welcome!


We realize you’re not using your Healthy Options holiday to train for the Olympics, yet we encourage you to enjoy the same benefits that the ancient Greeks found when holding their Olympiads outdoors… fresh air and sunshine!  Suitable for all levels; classified as a medium-high level intensity class A combination of body weight exercises and sprints, classed as interval or HIIT style of training using the fabulous environment of the neighbouring Olive Groves.

This is a real feel good session, once you've done, that is!

Our professional, friendly and approachable team of instructors

These are the Yoga, Pilates and fitness instructors that will be teaching your classes in 2018. Each one of them is highly skilled, with plenty of training and experience, and all are very friendly and approachable.

Meet the instructors

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