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DIY | Mini Home Facial Routine

You will need: bowls of luke-warm water, natural sponges and cotton wool pads, a facial brush, soft, clean towels, your choice of: cleansing milk, gel or cream, toner, exfoliator (ensure that the exfoliating beads are natural and not plastic micro-beads), coconut oil, mask (a clay or mud mask is best), moisturiser

Cleanse and deep cleanse. Apply your cleanser using your fingertips in long sweeping movements from the neck up the face. Gently remove with damp sponges and pat dry before applying fresh cleanser and massaging deeply into your face with circular movements. Be careful around the delicate eye area. Remove with damp sponges.

Exfoliate: Pat on a good amount of exfoliator all over the face and massage in. The abrasive elements will get deep into your skin to unblock your pores, remove dead skin cells and leave you feeling clean and fresh. Gently remove the product with warm, damp sponges.

Tone: Sweep toner-soaked cotton wool pads over your skin to remove any traces of exfoliator, skin cells. The toner will refresh your skin and tighten pores.

Coconut oil massage: Use salon-grade coconut oil to thoroughly rehydrate and nourish your skin. Follow the steps below:

Superficial movements – slight pressure to soothe nerve endings and promote relaxation. Sweep over your décolletage, up your neck, across your cheeks and forehead. Sweep down your nose then circle around your eyes.

Stronger pressure movements – to stimulate the venous and lymphatic circulation encouraging both drainage and elimination of waste from the tissues. Motions as above!

Deep movements – strong strokes (always going upwards) to influence muscle tone and aid relaxation. Just sweep up your neck, cheeks and ‘drain’ your forehead.

Mask: Apply the mask using a facial brush or your fingertips. Leave for at least 5 minutes so sit back and relax! Remove with clean, damp sponges.

Moisturise: Time to thoroughly hydrate your skin. Warm your chosen moisturiser in your palms then pat on to skin. Massage in in circular movements, including your neck, cheeks and upper lip. Now enjoy the feeling of being cleansed, rejuvenated and refreshed. Bliss!

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