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Much, much more than a normal Yoga and fitness holiday!

As you probably already know our Healthy Option holidays offer an amazing range of Yoga, Pilates, fitness classes as well as some exciting opportunities to try out something completely different. Some of these other activities are relaxing and require no particular effort or skill – for example our unique Herbal Walk some are more challenging… for example why not

Try Yoga on a STAND-UP-PADDLEBOARD (SUP) this Summer

You may find the prospect of trying Yoga on a Stand-up Paddleboard a little intimidating. We are used to this reaction from clients at the beginning of their holiday with us. If you haven’t tried it might appear to be suited to only the most committed Yogis.

But there’s nothing to worry about with our amazing instructors showing you how in the calm early morning waters in the beautiful turquoise waters of Vassiliki and Syvota and in the gorgeous Greek sunshine!

At Healthy Options, we believe that SUP Yoga is suitable for all as long as you follow these simple guidelines.

Slow it down!

If you get out on the paddleboard and try to carry out your Yoga routine at the usual pace, then it is likely that you will end up in the water in no time at all. But so what – it’s warm and you just get back on again, smiling and laughing. Our advice is - slow it right down and savour the moment. Part of the joy of SUP Yoga is that it forces you to focus on each individual movement leaving very little opportunity for your mind to wonder.

Keep your eyes on the horizon - Keep your eyes focused on the horizon as much as possible or choose a fixed point on the land. This will help you to maintain your balance.

Keep in mind the balance point of the board - Before you begin, be aware that the handle of the SUP board is usually the central balance point so make sure that you always position your weight equally on either side of this balance point.

The benefits of trying SUP Yoga

Peace and nature - Firstly, there is a certain magical, peaceful quality to trying Yoga on the water, especially at one of our two Healthy Options centre is Greece where lessons are carried out in the beautiful golden glow of the morning sunshine. Often the biggest challenge of SUP Yoga is to try to find a location where it is possible to practice, at Healthy Options we are lucky enough to be able to have access to 2 beautiful bays that are sheltered from the wind and weather. Aside from the chance to spot wildlife, you also get incredible views that you can't get from any Yoga studio.

Focus - The slower practice of SUP Yoga and the additional focus required will help you to develop a keener awareness of your breath, body and mind.

Balance - SUP Yoga will certainly help to develop your balance. Balance is an undervalued skill. Focusing on developing your balance can help you to improve your skills in almost all sport as well as helping to maintain a healthy and dynamic lifestyle as you age.

Core Muscles - The moment you step aboard the SUP you will feel your core muscles starting to work in order to maintain your balance. Every movement that you make will require greater use of your core muscles than any Yoga routine carried out on firm ground.

Laughter - It is not possible to take yourself too seriously when you are trying SUP Yoga as there is usually a wobble or two, so leave your ego behind and enjoy the chance to have a good laugh, after all, laughter is very, very good for you.

In addition to the variety of Yoga, Pilates and fitness classes, we also include the following activities with your holiday:
Massage, SUP Yoga, unlimited stand up paddleboarding, guided herbal walk, guided cycling tours, sailing taster (Vassiliki), Rafting (Syvota), Island tours (Syvota).

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